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My name is Andrzej Skiba and I'm a web developer from GdaƄsk, Poland. I mainly develop in PHP using the Symfony framework with different technologies in the frontend. I like to try out many things and that's why most of the sample projects below have a slightly different technology stacks espacially in the frontend. If using HTML and CSS I always spice up the interface with a liitle bit of JavaScript in conjuction with one of the great JavaScript libraries like Prototype, jQuery, Closure Library. If the interface really calls for some extra fireworks I'll use Flash and/or Flex.

Recently I've been having fun learning Common Lisp, a very old but immensly powerfull programming language. I've been slowly going through Peter Seibel's Practical Common Lisp and Conrad Barski's Land of Lisp.

Because of that intrest this web page is build with CL and runs on Hunchentoot, a CL web server. As you can see my web site is very much a work in progress. I've been working on a little blogging engine based on MongoDB (just to see what the hype is all about) to use on this site.

Sample Projects